Cove Product Hero


Pinnacle’s COVE (C) is a well-defined fixture that indirectly illuminates your design with one of the best LED indirect lighting sources in the industry. COVE allows for a soft, practical LED light to project into the space without any glare from the hidden source. Standard mounting allows this minimalistic fixture to easily install into the smallest soffit while still giving off a smooth luminosity.  


COVE is available in 2’, 3’, 4’, 6’, and 8’ individual lengths, but it is also field-connectable for continuous runs and adjacent corners within the soffit. The extruded aluminum reflector is part of a larger, locking reflector system for adjustability in the field. 

  • Toolless 3 position adjustable head. 

  • Integral Driver with wiring quick connection for rows. 

  • 5-year limited warranty covers LED, driver and fixture. 

  • Maximum fixture weight is 10 lbs per 4ft fixture. 

  • Room-Side Maintenance for LED system. 

  • Buy American Act compliant.