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Acoustic Solutions

With Pinnacle Architectural Lighting’s Acoustic Solution offering, you can add an extra level of comfort to any space. These textured panels help bring warmth to your design while effectively absorbing sound to ensure your occupant’s comfort.

Acoustic Solutions are available in the EDGE, FINA, and LiFT form factors.

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Introducing Chute

Chute – an open-concept fixture – perfect for your next project. Designed and executed down to every detail, Chute brings a fresh feel to linear lighting. No glare, no exposed components, and no compromises.

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Help prevent the spread of harmful bacteria, including Staph*, such as MRSA**, at a nominal cost to your facility.

  • The 405nm light targets bacteria and produces intra-cellular Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS)
  • Similar to bleach, these ROS kill the bacteria and prevent it from re-populating the space
  • The 405nm light emitted from Indigo-Clean reflects off walls and surfaces

With Indigo-Clean now available in Pinnacle Architectural Lighting products.

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Introducing Moffat

MOFFAT illuminates a specific surface, highlights an exact point, and can even replace perimeter solutions for a feature wall. The petite profile allows the fixture to blend into any space, but up close, the housing has a simple curve detail to give it definition.

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For more than 12 years, Pinnacle has committed to fostering and growing the U.S. manufacturing industry by choosing to integrate U.S. components into our products.