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Verbena 4 Alternating Joint

In the modern era of working spaces, glare control continues to drive lighting needs. Verbena 4's (V4) Alternating Joint allows for the combination of direct and indirect light to avoid reflected glare even when placed directly above a workstation.

Elevate your spaces with Verbena's Alternating Joint. Verbena's Alternating Joint provides the rare opportunity to play with vertical movement along the same linear run. Enhance the bidirectional nature of the light in a space.

Check out the Verbena video here.

  • Triangular lens form factor with 145LPW direct or 165LPW indirect widespread illumination
  • Enhanced lighting pattern with 6% contribution past nadir

  • Minimalistic profile with overall height less than 1 ½” with triangular lens

  • Integral suspension and power cable with singular adjustment mechanism

  • Triangular lens form factor with up to 2000lm/ft or 2300lm/ft indirect widespread illumination

  • Milled X, T, Y, 90°, 120°, 135° connectors, and a direct-to-indirect alternating joint