Verbena Hexagon Pattern

Verbena 3

Think outside the grid.

The modularity of the Verbena 3 (V3) platform allows for architectural freedom.

Design individual patterns to connect spaces and create excitement within the overall project.


Create non-linear lines of light. 

With six detailed connectors and two linear joints, Verbena will always be unique to the designer’s imagination.

Breathe life into linear designs with 2’-8’ lengths, X, T, Y, 90°, 120°, 135° corners, and a direct-to-indirect alternating joint.


Check out the Verbena video here.

  • Triangular lens form factor with 145LPW direct or 165LPW indirect widespread illumination
  • Enhanced lighting pattern with 6% contribution past nadir

  • Minimalistic profile with overall height less than 1 ½” with triangular lens

  • Integral suspension and power cable with singular adjustment mechanism

  • Triangular lens form factor with up to 2000lm/ft or 2300lm/ft indirect widespread illumination

  • Milled X, T, Y, 90°, 120°, 135° connectors, and a direct-to-indirect alternating joint