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EDGE EX1 Illuminated with Acoustic Solutions

Pinnacle’s EDGE 1 with Acoustic Solutions (EX1_AS) brings warmth to your design while effectively absorbing sound to ensure your occupant’s comfort. 


With the EDGE 1” fixture at the core, EDGE 1 Acoustic Solutions offer the Pinnacle aesthetic with the added comfort of Acoustic Panels. The panel and frame colors can be specified to create dimension with unique combinations of color and texture. The simple frame also creates a cavity that internally collects sound waves, which reduces echo and reverberation. 


Available in three different panel heights – 8”, 12”, or 16” – to help dampen loud noise that naturally occurs in open spaces. 


This product is available with Standard Modifications. See the Spec Sheet for specific options and more information.

  • EDGE Evolution 1” fixture enclosed by sound dampening acoustic panels. 

  • Architectural frame ensures acoustic panels are mechanically secured. 

  • Specify color for panels and frame for an exclusive design. 

  • Room-side maintenance for LED System. 

  • 5-year limited warranty covers LED, driver, acoustic panel and fixture. 

  • Maximum weight is 22 lbs. for a standard 4’ fixture. 

  • Buy American Act compliant. 

  • Apparent Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) is up to 1.85.