Cubra suspended with acoustic ceiling

Cubra 3 Indirect

CUBRA 3 Indirect (CU3I) is a linear light fixture so thin it disappears…like Magic. With an ultra-slim 3/4” profile you may think you have to sacrifice performance, but not with CUBRA 3. Just 6” wide with a 3” aperture, this low-ceiling hero offers up to 128 LPW, with four architecturally sculpted 90-degree connectors to create lines and patterns throughout your space. At a mere 3/16” wide, the alternating joint practically vanishes while maintaining a perfectly level horizon throughout your lines of light. Achieve decluttered ceilings thanks to the ultra-thin conductive suspension cables that combine your suspension mount and power feed, while mounting points inset from the ends eliminate the need for center wires. Create variety in your lighting design by incorporating the small but mighty CUBRA 1 in the same ultra-slim 3/4” height but with a 1” aperture in a 3” fixture and up to 120 LPW.

  • Ultra-Slim ¾” profile
  • 6”, extruded aluminum housing with 3” aperture
  • Indirect illuminated luminaire utilizes light guide plate (LGP) for high optical efficiency
  • Batwing and Lambertian optics deliver quality light while maintaining visual continuity
  • Up to 1000 lumens per ft and up to 128 LPW
  • Up to 18 ft on center spacing with batwing optic and 14 ft with lambertian
  • Design patterns with non-illuminated connectors
  • Select from flat or rounded end cap designs