Cubra suspended with acoustic ceiling

Cubra 3 Direct

We’ve all worked on Magical projects. Exquisite spaces, stunning ceilings and wall treatments, architectural elements, and breathtaking views. A traditional fixture would only compete.  You need the fixture to disappear…like Magic. CUBRA 3 Direct (CU3D) is your lighting solution at just 3/4” high with a 3” aperture in a 6” fixture. At a mere 3/16”, CUBRA 3’s alternating joint practically vanishes allowing you to create direct and indirect lines and patterns on a perfectly level horizon. Choose from four stylish endcaps, four architectural 90-degree corners, and five standard finishes. Take your design even further by incorporating CUBRA 1 in the identical 3/4” height with a 1” aperture in a 3” fixture.

  • Ultra-Slim ¾” profile
  • 6”, extruded aluminum housing with 3” aperture
  • Direct illuminated luminaire utilizes a light guide plate (LGP) for high optical efficiency
  • Batwing and Lambertian optics deliver quality light while maintaining visual continuity
  • Up to 1000 lumens per ft and up to 128 LPW
  • Up to 18 ft on center spacing with batwing optic and 14 ft with lambertian
  • Design patterns with non-illuminated connectors
  • Select from flat or rounded endcap designs