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LiFT 4x4 Direct/Indirect with Acoustic Solutions

LiFT 4x4 Direct/Indirect (LF44DI) is available with Acoustic Solutions to bring warmth to your design while effectively absorbing sound to ensure your occupant’s comfort. 


LiFT gives you the ability to create clean clusters of light without having to worry about efficiency. Mix and match illuminated fixtures with Pinnacle’s Acoustic Solutions for a functional pattern. No matter how you use this fixture in your design, it will always prove itself to be consistently unique in any floor plan. 


The Acoustic Solution panel and fixture frame color can be specified independently to create dimension with unique combinations of color and texture. Available in multiple sizes and mounting options to help dampen loud noise that naturally occurs in open spaces. The fabricated Acoustic Solution panel is available to be specified in different positions within the fixture housing.  

  • LiFT offered with a 5-year limited warranty. Covers Acoustic Solution and fixture.  

  • Maximum fixture weight is 75 lbs.  

  • Buy American Act compliant.  

  • Apparent Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) is up to 1.7.