Chute Product Hero

CHUTE Direct

Enhance the open nature of your space with CHUTE Direct (CD). Designed and executed down to every detail, CHUTE brings a fresh feel to linear lighting. No glare, no exposed components, and no compromises. 


CHUTE Direct is comprised of a fully concealed indirect light source. Light rebounds into the space off the highly reflective, single-piece reflector system. Made of a highly durable, robust material, the reflector system is installed at the factory and ships within the fixture. It has a transparent co-extruded Light Protection Guard (LPG) that shields all LED components while offering a smooth, wipeable surface.  


Choose from four distinct decorative endcaps, available for suspended and surface mounted fixtures. 


  • 4” wide fixture with a 2 ½” fully luminous aperture. 

  • Small, integral driver option for quick, easy installation.  

  • Light Protection Guard (LPG) covers LEDs for optimal performance. 

  • Buy American Act compliant.