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ADEO 1x4 with Indigo-Clean Technology

ADEO 1x4 (AD14) using Indigo-Clean combines white, ambient light with 405nm Indigo light to provide continuous visible light disinfection whenever the light is on. 


Many every day environments can be unintentional breeding grounds for harmful bacteria, including Staph, such as MRSA: healthcare facilities, classrooms, offices, conference facilities, rehabilitation centers, and more. Indigo-Clean is laboratory-tested* and integrated into luminaires that are built to Pinnacle’s strict standards.  


*Lab data available upon request. 

  • The 405nm light targets bacteria and produces intra-cellular Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS). 

  • Similar to bleach, these ROS kill the bacteria and prevent it from re-populating the space. 

  • The 405nm light emitted from Indigo-Clean reflects off walls and surfaces. 

  • Unlike UV disinfection, light is safe for occupants. 

  • Proven effectiveness per independent lab test results. 

  • Provides a cleaner, safer environment, even in areas normal cleaning doesn’t reach.